As the current example of the Paris terrorist attacks show, young people are radicalized before going abroad as „foreign fighters“. When they return, they get weapons and pose a threat to citizens in Europe. European Jihadists – how do they arm ideologically before they go abroad and literally when they come back? We invited two experts to give us answers on this two important questions: Thomas Schmidinger, expert on de-radicalization and founder of will address the question of how to counter the radicalization process and Tomas Baum, director of the flemish peace institute based in Brussels will do a presentation regarding the necessity of fighting against illegal arm trafficking in Europe. The event „European Jihadists“ – hosted by Austrian MEP Josef Weidenholzer – will be held on Wed, 28th January, 16h30-18h00 in ASP3H1, European Parliament. The event will be streamed. Save the date!