Challenges from browsing to content analytics

7. June 2017 EP JAN4Q2

18h30min until 21h


Session 1 – Presentations,  Duration: 1 Hour
The presentations will address specific issues related to the ePrivacy Regulation and the second session will discuss these issues as a panel discussion. 
Piwik Pro                               – Privacy Risks associated with Analytics
INRIA                                     – Presenting their research on fingerprinting devices based on
detecting browser configuration
Startmail                                – Encrypted email – the metadata problem
Paul-Olivier Dehaye            – Cambridge Analytica – the threat of behavioural profiling/                                                     targeting to democracy
Session 2 – Discussion Panel and Q&A, Duration: 90 Minutes
Special Guests
MEP Marju Lauristin
BEUC – David Martin

Hosted by

MEP Josef Weidenholzer